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Frequently Asked Questions

I am available for most events and portrait services. These include weddings, engagement parties, registration signings, tea ceremonies, corporate functions, kid’s parties, family portraits, glamour portraits, etc. But if you have something else in mind, please let me know what you are after and I’ll definitely see if I’ll be up for the challenge (or I can recommend someone that can help).
I like to keep a relatively open calendar and try to not book too many events back to back. As such, I specialize in what I like to call ‘emergency photography sessions’ where short notice is given. Of course, the more in advance you book, the more likely that I’ll be available.
My pricing is very dependent on the type of shoot and what you require so it is not possible for me to put out a set rate/pricing. I would love to provide set packages but I have found that these are not very personal and therefore I will prefer to provide packages tailored to your needs. Please contact me to discuss further.
My fee includes travel to and from the event location, the agreed number of hours spent at your event, post processing of all the photos, and delivery of your photos on an USB key within the agreed time frame.
Yes, a deposit is required to confirm the date lock in the booking. The deposit amount is the greater of $100 or 10% of the total fee.
Unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable as I do turn away all other requests that are made for your day after I have received your booking confirmation.
No, I only ever do one job a day. This allows me to make sure that my full attention is focused one event at a time. This also allows me to spend the time post-processing the photos in a timely manner as I do not have multiple jobs going on at the same time.
You will receive the post-processed high resolution photos within 2-3 weeks on a USB key. The USB key can be posted out to you or we can arrange to meet for me to pass the photos to you.
No, I do not work with a second photographer. It will be me that will show up on the day and you can be assured that I will be the one managing all aspects of the shoot and post-processing of the photos. All the photos on this website have been taken by me and I will be the one showing up at your event. This way you’ll know the style of photos that you’ll be getting.
Not all photographs taken on the day will be given to you. During the post-processing of the photos I will cull the photos that I deem to not be the best representation of the moment. These may include duplications of the same shot, exposure or composition that cannot be fixed, poor facial expressions, etc. Rest assure, however, that I will not be holding back any photos that are deemed to have sufficient quality.
All photographs given to you will be edited. Editing includes things like white balance, exposure balance, framing, removal of blemishes and distractions, etc. The amount of editing will depend on the shoot. For example, portraits might have more editing than candid shots at an event.
Photos delivered to you will not be watermarked in anyway. The photos are yours to print or post on social media as you please.
The number of photos that I deliver will depend largely on the type of event. For example, for a 4hr shoot of a wedding event with 100 guests, there will typically be around 260 photos. For a 4hr shoot with a couple and a few guests at a wedding registration, there will be around 150 photos. I can provide a better estimate once I know more details of the event.
I’m located in the eastern suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I’m pretty flexible in the distance I need to travel for a shoot. Anywhere in Victoria that can be reached by car within 2-3hrs is generally ok with me.
No, I do not provide video services. My skills and expertise is in photography and like to focus on what I do best for my client’s events.
Of course! I have worked alongside videographers previously and will make sure that we do not get in each other’s way so that the best images and videos are captured.
Yes, I am able to do albums for you in the form of photobooks. The fee for the album will usually be discussed after the photos are taken as the size and style will depend on the photos taken at the event. I will do the layouts and organise the printing so that you end up with a special memento with minimum fuss. All the albums that I have produced are unique in that the layouts are customised to match the photos.
No problems at all. I will always stay until the event is completed if you want me to be there. Additional coverage is always available and will be charged at the rates specified in the contract in 15 minute blocks.
Please send me a message with the date and type of event you are after and I will get back to you with my availability. From there we can discuss your requirements via phone, email or in person. There is no charge for the initial consultations. If you decide to hire me then just fill in a booking form and your booking is confirmed once a deposit is made.